SaaS Offerings

At OSRS Systems, we build SaaS offerings that span a broad range of operational needs. Our offerings are constantly evolving as we bring new services online.

  •  Single flat monthly service fee (no per user charges).
  •  Pay as you go usage fees.
  •  Tiered plans to suit any organizational need.
  •  Common specification driven OSRS SMPL services.
  •  Security by S3curely.

OSRS Systems does SaaS differently, we expect our clients to have dramatically different needs in scaling from a handful of users to millions of users. This means that per-user monthly rates are untenable, so we simply don't use them. Instead, we offer a small set of plans, each one offering unlimited access to group of services. Sign up for a plan, and have access to all services within that plan, that's it, no per-service or per-user fees. Just pay the flat monthly rate plus usage fees based upon metered usage. No usage means no additional charges, period. Contact our Services and Solutions team today:


Leverage our insights, expertise, developers and solutions to manage your cloud transformation

Get the most out of the cloud. We can assist in planning your journey to the cloud and help manage your hybrid environment.

Our staff can help optimize your workloads for public, private and hybrid environments. Ensure you run the right workflows in the right environment.

  •  Advisory, Development and Integration Services
    Reduce costs by migrating to the public cloud and by leveraging multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud deployments. Our experts will guide you through the transition and can even develop custom solutions to optimize your organization's effectiveness.
  •  Cloud Services for AWS, Azure, Hybrid and Multi-cloud
    As an AWS and Azure partner, we can help you navigate and build for the cloud. Increase effectiveness and empower your staff by hybridizing between cloud vendors while maintaining critical legacy systems on premises.
  •  Get SaaSy and unlock your organizations potential
    We can help your organization integrate SaaS solutions that can dramatically reduce management overhead. Our specification driven SaaS offerings make it easier than ever to integrate services across business units and organizations.
  •  Never compromise on security or privacy
    We help all of our clients ensure they meet all security needs and regulatory compliance through our best practices approaches, and through our partnership with AWS, Azure and Security by S3curely.
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Innovative solutions to shape the future of the most challenging markets

The OSRS Systems staff, along with our OSRS Network partner ecosystem have been working on the biggest challenges in the government and private sector markets. We collectively evolve our insights in information technology, engineering and science to build new technologies that make organizations more effective and will shape the future of business and the world. Our collaborative team has expertise in a diverse set of markets with reachback to world-class experts and researchers.

  •  Aviation and Aerospace
    We understand the complexity and time sensitivity of maintaining situational awareness of operations on the ground, in flight and in space. Our geospatial, time series and streaming analytics capabilities were built for the needs of these industries. Our services and specifications include models that were built by unifying the complex informational needs of the US FAA, US DoD and international aviation agencies. Our geospatial services offer storage, analytics and transformation capabilities at earth observation scale.
  •  Defense and Intelligence
    The US DoD, IC and FVEY community have complex needs for data on time, at scale and integrated across many diverse sources, all to ensure situational awareness and to maximize the available actionable intelligence. Our staff have been building services for the US DoD and IC for over 20 years at all classification levels.
    Our defense group has extensive experience building systems to manage the national defense infrastructure for global installations and the defense industrial base.
  •  Energy and Infrastructure
    Our energy and critical infrastructure services team builds systems and services for managing the details of operational infrastrucures as well as building solutions for real-time risk assessment and multi-infrastructure interdependency modeling and assessment. Our staff has been involved in critical infrastructure analytics, assessments and our staff has built systems for DHS and DoD for both the defense critical infrastructure (DCIP) and national infrastructure protection plan (NIPP).
  •  Government
    Our staff has worked with both federal and local government agencies for decades across many of the key aspects of government operations. Our membership and collaboration in the OSRS Network provides us with a deep relationship with researchers from federal agencies, national labs and academia which provide us with unrivaled insight and innovation for government needs.
  •  Health
    We offer services for managing personal, health care provider and patient records that maximize security and privacy to meet HIPAA and other regulatory compliance needs. Our health service staff can help build asset management, tracking solutions as well as clinical and lab technology solutions that improve effectiveness while keeping records safe and private.
  •  Science and Environment
    Through our staff and OSRS Network collaborations, we provide deep expertise in scientific data management, records chain of custody, provenance and publication tracking. Our staff include research sciensts in the biological, computer science, geologic and geoinformatics fields.
  •  Transportation and Logistics
    The next generation of integrated transportaion and logistics is upon us already. Our services will enable the complex data management of streaming observations from sensors with real-time analytics of traffic, cargo and passengers across modes of travel, jurisdictions and organizational hand-offs all while meeting the complex compliance and privacy needs of the industry.
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About Us

OSRS System is a woman owned small business headquartered near Charlottesville, Virginia. We current have staff distributed throughout the US to better meet our client and staff needs.

We are the SaaS and cloud services provider member company of OSRS, and we work closely with our sibling companies: OSRS Group and S3curely.

Our History

We were founded in 2018 with the core mission of providing SaaS solutions based on the Specifications, Methods, Patterns and Languages (SMPL) specifications to ensure clients have the easiest on-ramp to adoption. What we realized was that our clients also wanted assistance in planning and building their cloud solutions while integrating the SaaS offerings. So we extended our core business to include the full lifecycle of cloud services for all.

As with all OSRS companies, once you become a client, you automatically become a member of the OSRS Network, our client community and partner ecosystem.